Crepe Parisian style Mix | Made in Australia

  Roller Grill

  • Easy to use just add water to make a smooth batter
  • 1 x 9 kg bag - Approx. 450 (55g) Crepes per bag
  • Makes Sweet or Savory Crepes
  • Quality Crepe mix Made in Australia.
  • Wholesale Crepe Pre-mix
  • No wastage as it is Dry Instant mix  -  use as you need
  • Consistent Crepes every time
  • Freshly made Crepes taste & smell Great … and appeal to all age groups
  • Delivery Australia Wide
  • A must for Trendy Cafes adding French style dessert menu, Great for Markets, Stadium Events and festivals

Roller Grill Commercial Crepe Maker you can use

350 CSE   350 CDE   400 CSE   400 CDE   400 CFE

Mixing Ratio | 1 kg mix to 1.75 litre water

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Parisan Crepe Mix

Delivery Australia Wide

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Roller Grill Quality Commercial Instant Crepe Parisian Mix | | Made in Australia

Wholesale Crepe Parisian Instant Mix | Made in Australia


Roller Grill Crepe Maker

Commercial Crepe Maker | Made in France