Stone Base Pizza oven Roller Grill PZ 430 D Made In France Roller Grill

Model:PZ 430 D Pizza oven
S/Steel construction
Two cooking deck 43 cm
Fire brick base Pizza oven
On / Off pilot light
Thermostat + regulator
Pre heat 10 min
1/2 size gast. Pan
Stackable : 2 high
Inside dim:430x430x105mm
KW: 3 ~ 15 amp ~ KG: 30
Unit: 670 x 580 x 500 mm
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Stone Base Pizza oven | Roller Grill PZ 430 D
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Roller Grill Pizza Ovens | Quality Commercial Kitchen Equipment | Made in France

Commercial Stone Base Pizza Oven



MODELS |      PZ 430 S   PZ430 D

We have found that the best results for cooking pizza is when you cook on the stone base ( NO PANS )

PANS |  Cast Iron or Aluminium Pans
If however you want to use pans, Cast iron is recommended as it will cook the base of the pizza and toppings at the same time ( A cast iron pan will increase the cooking time).  Aluminium pans are not recommended as they don’t allow for even cooking.

PAR BAKED BASE PIZZA ( No pans required | cooking 3-4 mins )
We recommend Par baked pizza bases as they are ideal for this oven. You can purchase readymade pizzas for approx.$ 4.00 and sell them for approx. $ 10.00  ( Profit  $ 6.00 in 3-5 min )
The bases alone are around .80 cents which then allows you to finish the pizza with your to order toppings

Par baked bases also make great Garlic, Oregano or Zatar bread pizza in around 2 min’s

You can be as creative as you like with these ovens as it will fit all types of bread.  From the wide slice toast to Turkish and Focaccia bread.
These ovens enable you to place both pieces of bread on the stone base and toast both sides at once and still have the perfect cheese melt topping, all in approx. 2 mins.

REHEAT OVEN | Gastronorm Pans
These ovens are versatile and can be used for Toasting, Browning, Gratin, Cheese melting or simply for reheating dishes in your Gastronorm pans.  Saving valuable time and energy and does not compromise on the taste - you have that just baked taste, nice and crisp.  

Capacity   ½ Size pan  PZ 430 S, PZ430 D

Roller Grill Pizza ovens range are perfect for cooking fresh or frozen pizza

( Ideal for par-baked bases )

For fast food outlets its speed and reliability make it easy to use. Portion control made easy from mini pizza to family size, or single serve lasagne to 1/2 size gastronorm pan

Being Bench top pizza ovens saves valuable space in the kitchen area.  Can also be wall mounted or Stacked.

A must in any modern commercial kitchen, cafe or takeaway.  Can be used as a small back up reheat oven in busy times. Their application are endless !   Quality product Made in France.               

Great for Hotels |           Use it as a backup for afterhours room service
Cafes, Restaurants |      Add gourmet pizza to your menu  | Back up piece of equipment
Bars, Pubs, Clubs |        For Bar area when is kitchen closed and menu service is needed

Pizza Capacity dimensions                                                                
PZ 430 S: 1 x 17 inch Pizza | ½ size pan ( 430 x 430 x 105 ) 15 amp
 PZ 430 D: 2 x 17 inch Pizza | ½ size pan ( 430 x430 x 105 x 2) 2  x 15 amp