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Made In France

Commercial Kitchen Equipment


Roller Grill has been designing and manufacturing commercial kitchen equipment for over 65 years. The diverse product range meets the demands for those in the commercial catering industry. Waffle and Crepe makers are part of the range of commercial kitchen equipment, there are 7 Waffle maker patterns to choose from and 6 models of crepe makers with an extensive range of accessories and instant mix ( Waffle mix, Cone mix, Crepe mix and Pancake mix).

The High speed Contact grill another must for all modern cafés are available in 4 models to accommodate the size of the operation. Our compact Pizza Ovens compliment the ever changing dynamic menu of today’s commercial kitchen.

We invite you to browse through the entire range of Roller Grill Australia® Commercial Kitchen Equipment wedsite by simply clicking the graphic images. We welcome you to Roller Grill Australia® "The Commercial Kitchen Equipment network - a network built on Quality products and proudly made in France."



Roller Grill - Wholesale Instant Mix | Made in Australia

Belgian Waffle Premix  | 8 x 1.25 kg packet | 10 kg Box

Mixing Ratio | 1.25 kg bag waffle mix to 1 litre water

Variety of Waffles - “ Brussels “ “ Liege “ “ Round” “Corn Dog sticks” “ Lolly pop sticks”


Ice Cream Waffle Cone Premix | 1 x 10 kg Bag

Mixing Ratio | 1 kg waffle cone mix to 800 ml water and 20 ml oil

Makes Ice cream waffle cones, small and large – fill them with Ice cream or Frozen Yogurt Waffle Baskets, Waffle discs for desserts, Fat free style Cannoli waffles  


Crepe Parisian style Premix | 1 x 9 kg bag

Mixing Ratio | 1 kg Crepe mix to 1.75 litre water

A must for Trendy Cafes adding French style dessert menu, Great for Markets, Stadium Events and festivals


Buttermilk Pancake Premix | 6 x 1.70 kg packet | 10.20 kg Box

Mixing Ratio | 1.70 kg Buttermilk pancake mix to 2 litres water

Make Pancakes Sweet or Savory


All wholesale instant Premix's

Easy to use just add water to make a smooth batter

Quality mix Made in Australia

No wastage as it is Dry Instant premix, use as you need

Consistent product every time

Freshly made Waffles, Ice cream waffle cones, Crepes and Pancakes taste & smell Great !

Yummy Desserts appeal to all age groups

Make sweet or savoury waffles, crepes or pancakes with your instant premix

A must for Cafes, Restaurants, Ice creamery’s or any Foodservice outlet wanting to add to their dessert menu… 

All wholesale instant Premix are Delivered to your door Australia Wide