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Parisan Crepe MixParisan Crepe MixButtermilk Pancake Mix - Click for item details

Wholesale Crepe Parisian Instant Premix | Made in Australia

Commercial Roller Grill Crepe Maker | Made in France

With 6 models and a full range of accessories to select from, a complete "Turn-key" solution can be had with
our instant crepe and pancake mixes. Purchasing the Roller Grill Crepe Maker alone or as a complete packaged
solution allows you total flexibility.


  • Enamel coated Cast Iron Plates (for perfect even cooking of Crepes and Pancakes)
  • Spreader Tool comes with all units
  • Spiral elements like star shaped burners to distribute heat evenly
  • Stainless steel construction
  • You can use your metal utensils
  • CK-1 and CK-3 Tool Box accessories
  • Crepe mix and Pancake mix
  • Quality product Made in France

Crepe Maker Plate Options & Sizes

350 CSE | 350mm diameter
350 CDE | 350mm diameter x 2
400 CSE | 400mm diameter
400 CDE | 400mm diameter x 2
400 CFE | 400mm diameter
406 E | 400mm diameter with 6 x 110 dimples

A must in any Ice Creamery, Gelato bar, Café or Restaurant adding to desserts menu, Markets, Events or Stadiums.

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