WARM IT-BI Roller Grill CK-3Made In France

Model:WARM IT - BI
Table top or built In
Electronic timer
Pilot light
Delivered with 1 Squeeze bottle - 3 Pourer lid
DIM: 225 x 175 x 210 mm
Cap : 1 L  ~ 10 amp ~ 3 kg

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in benchon the bench Warm it | in bench option | for Waffle & Crepe

Crepe Kit :- CK 3
1 stainless steel Box
1 greaser complete
1 spatula
1 turner
1 water container
crepe maker tools

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Warm it | in bench option | for Waffle & Crepe
Roller Grill | Quality Commercial Kitchen Equipment | Made in France

Crepe Maker & Waffle Maker Accessories


The range of “ ROLLER GRILL “ – “ WARM IT” – units allows you to melt a variety of chocolates to a rich smooth and warm consistency
This unique “ DRY HEAT” series keeps your Chocolate sauces warm - runny Honey to Stingy cheese all at your fingertips ready for use
NO more messy water around your desserts – ( Clear of water spills )

Roller Grill Chocolate Melter’s

w1w2 wbi1

WARM IT Model's: | W1, W2, W BI