Contact Grill

Savoye G

Made In FranceRoller Grill

SAVOYE G Contact Grill
Grooved bottom plate
Grooved top plate
Cast iron plates
Temperature thermostat
On / Off switch
Removable drip tray
Spring balance top
Easy cleaning grooved tool
Plate size: 260 x 240
10 amp unit
KW: 2 ~ KG: 18
DIM: 325 x 410 x 240 mm
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Roller Grill | Contact Grill - Savoye
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Roller Grill Contact Grills | Quality Commercial Kitchen Equipment | Made in France

Commercial Contact Grill | Roller Grill Savoye G

PRODUCT PROFILE | Contact High Speed Grills



  • Solid Cast Iron Plates ( for perfect even cooking )
  • Removable front drip tray ( easy access and cleaning )
  • Spring balance tops ( As not to crush your product )
  • Heatproof handles ( and tip on the top plates )
  • Side step height adjustment
  • All grooved units come with an easy cleaning tool ( included in the box.)
  • Stainless steel construction
  • You can use you metal utensils
  • Quality product Made in France

Plate options

GF  |    Grooved top plate with Flat bottom plate  ( Great for BBQ style branding & Toasting )
F     |    Flat top with Flat bottom plate ( Great for Fish, Wraps, & Toasting )
G    |    Grooved top with grooved bottom plate ( Great for BBQ style branding Vegetables etc.. )

Professional Café Press Contact Grill for all your cooking and toasting needs.

The versatility of our Contact Grill is only limited to your chefs imagination.

Changing menu options from steak, chicken to bacon and eggs, grilled vegetables not to mention wraps to toasted focaccia, rolls and sandwiches.

Great for breakfast menu, for your lunch time sandwiches and then your steak for dinner menu!

Toasted Sandwiches 2-4 min, Steak cooking times 2-4 min, Bacon 30 seconds, High speed grilling of anything  …….