Waffle maker GES 23 Roller Grill

Waffle maker GES 23" Stick "
Cast iron plates
Thermostat 0-300 deg
On / Off switch
All around drip tray
Removable drip tray
4 x 23 cm Stick
Waffle: 230 x 4mm sticks
Cook in approx.2 1/2 min
KW:1.6 ~ 10 amp ~ KG: 19
Unit: 305 x 440 x 230 mm

Shipping: 21 kg
Box:355x450x330 mm
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Waffle Maker GES 23
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Roller Grill Waffle Makers | Quality Commercial Kitchen Equipment | Made in France

Commercial Waffle Maker

Belguim Waffle Mix


Wholesale Belguim Instant Waffle Mix | Made in Australia

GES 23 | “ Lolly pop”  Pattern : Lolly pop style on a stick   Waffle DIM: 230 x 30  | 4  waffles per serve

Lolly pop style waffle stick, just dust with icing sugar or melted chocolate drizzled over.

Great for the Festive season

A must in any Ice creamery, Gelato bar, Café or Restaurant adding to desserts menu, Markets, Events or Stadiums